CHP-Austria / General Terms of Participation in Sweepstakes

I. Applicability
These general participation terms apply to all sweepstakes arranged by CHPA Destination Management. They apply where appropriate, in addition to the participation terms as an amendment in case and if such were provided with respective sweepstakes. Each participant acknowledges his/her acceptance of these terms in general and where such were specifically mentioned as a special participation term.

II. Participation
1. Participant must be an adult, a real person using his/her true name. 2. Participation is realized through the provision of the solution word via email. True and real name, mailing address and physical address must be provided at the same time. Participation is limited to one time per sweepstakes per person. 3. Deadlines must be announced for each sweepstakes separately.

III. Process and Winning
1. In case of multiple participants and/or several correct answers the winner is selected at random. Judicial review is excluded.
2. Winners selected at random will be informed via email. Each winner must reply within 3 (three) weeks after the date of the email informing him/her on the winning, to CHPA Destination Management whether or not he/she accepts the prize. Failing to inform CHPA Destination Management on the decision to accept the prize within this time will result in the abandonment of the prize, in which case CHPA Destination Management reserves the right to select another winner at random and inform him/her on this selection.
3. Up to the actual date of the prize reception by the winner, CHPA Destination Management reserves the right to change the nature and volume of the actual price at any time without prior notice. In such cases, participants have no legal claims as to the nature of the prize towards CHPA Destination Management.
4. The nature and volume of the prize is determined entirely and exclusively by CHPA Destination Management. All the additional costs caused by handling of the prize will be paid by the winner unless specifically mentioned to be included in the prize during the sweepstakes. CHPA Destination Management has no liability as to potential damage caused by the prize and/or the use of the prize.
5. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, cash equivalent or for a different prize. The prize cannot be transferred without a special arrangement explicitly for that purpose with the CHPA Destination Management.
6. CHPA Destination Management reserves the right to publically announce the name of the winner. The winner explicitly agrees to this condition.

IV. Premature Interruption and Exclusion
1. CHPA Destination Management reserves the right to interrupt and prematurely end the sweepstakes for any or no reason without prior notice. This applies especially to cases when the proper sweepstakes process cannot be completed for technical or legal reasons. Participants have no rights to claim damages from CHPA Destination Management.
2. CHPA Destination Management reserves the right to exclude participants from participation in the sweepstakes. This applies especially to cases when there is a non compliance with the rules of the sweepstakes taking place or when participants use any unfair or illegal means to participate in the sweepstakes. In such cases CHPA Destination Management can exclude participants retroactively, recall the prize and demand immediate return/refund of the prize.
V. Protection of Personal Data

To properly perform the sweepstakes, CHPA Destination Management must collect personal data from participants, for example, mailing and physical address and name. Personal information collected for this purpose can only be used, stored and processed by CHPA Destination Management and their partners in specific cases and only for the purposes of performing the sweepstakes. Personal information is not transferred over to third parties. Participants may request CHPA Destination Management to provide a complimentary report on the use and storage of their personal data as well as demand its immediate deletion. As a confirmation of this, an informal email message will suffice.

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